More and more yoga teachers are starting to take their yoga business online. However, despite the many intentions, a lot fail.

Many people teach yoga because of their love for the practice and their passion to share the benefits of yoga with others. But being a yoga teacher is much more than just teaching a class. It entails discipline and hard work, and being a yoga entrepreneur, even more.

Transitioning from a yoga teacher to a yogipreneur can seem daunting at first. While it’s true that the internet and digital advancements have made it easier than ever before, growing your online yoga business is not as easy as it looks in Instagram. When it comes to making your online teaching dream a reality, a solid foundational marketing strategy is essential.

Here are the four pillars to create a solid foundation to start your yogipreneur journey.

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Pillar 1: Your Why

The most important step to building your yoga business is defining your why. Before you start marketing your personalized yoga lessons to the public, first ask yourself why do YOU yourself practice yoga?

When you are crystal clear about what brings you to your mat every day will give you a better insight into what will attract your ideal student to your lessons.

Once you’ve identified your purpose, you can then create a personal brand by coming back to your vision, the mission and your goals. 

Pillar 2: Your Niche

Narrowing down is really important when building your yoga business. How you narrow in on your ideal student and craft something that is specifically for them will ensure that they keep coming back to you.

In order to find your niche, ask yourself who will benefit the most from what you have to offer. It is the person who will resonate the most with your teachings. Try to evaluate yourself as a yoga teacher and identify your strengths and weaknesses. What are you best at? What skills can you offer your students? What skills have you not mastered yet?

Pillar 3: Having a Business Mindset

It is important to ensure first of all that you have the right mindset for success because mindset is everything. The mindset for success is defining your goals, vision and mission and also defining your niche and your core offering. 

One of the best things about having a corporate job is that the corporate world handles all the corporate things for you – the taxes, the systems, the procedures. These parts of the business are already in place when you enter your corporate job (or at least, they should be).

But when you transition from your corporate job to being your own boss, you are both the corporation and the employee. It may seem overwhelming at first when you see how much has to be accomplished, but the earlier you get started, the closer you get to creating the business of your dreams.

The more organized and prepared you are to manage yourself like a business, the more organized and prepared you are for taking on new clients. This is why having a business mindset is essential when you are transitioning from a yoga coach to a full-time yoga entrepreneur.

Pillar 4: Online Marketing

When you’ve worked out your reason and purpose behind building your business, who your niche is, and strengthening your mindset, you can then start to craft content for your brand as a yoga teacher. It is essential to not only create relevant, inspiring, and useful content, but showing up consistently is as important.

Nailing your social media game is important because when done right, yoga teachers can make a name for themselves, all while filling their online classes, providing information on upcoming classes, workshops, courses, and retreats.

You may argue that you don’t have your website set up yet, or your logo is not how you want it to look just yet. You don’t need to create a perfect logo or a perfect style guide before you can put yourself out there. What’s important is that you get your message out there. It is okay to find your way with it as you go when you start a yoga business. 

It’s much better to get something out there than to be holding back because you want everything to be picture-perfect.

Remember, imperfect action is better than no action at all.

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In conclusion

In a nutshell, by putting in just a little time and effort each day to grow your online yoga business, these small steps will snowball into great results and will have considerable payoff both creatively and in terms of broadening your audience of students.

Dare to take messy action to move your business forward. Remember that messy and imperfect action beats doing nothing at all.

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