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Ten Social Media Marketing Secrets for Health Coaches

Social Media Marketing for Health Coaches You may be wondering how to do Social Media Marketing for your health and wellness business. Social media and digital marketing are always changing every day. With so many new updates, insights, and features, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to keep up. The health and wellness industry is …

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How to Attract Clients Through Lead Generation and Freebies

You’ve joined all the networking events, Facebook Groups, yoga communities, posted consistently on your social media channels, and done all the things you can think of to get leads for your business. BUT… you still lack clients (or worse, don’t have any clients at all). You’re now frustrated and confused about what you’re doing wrong. …

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How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated During Roadblocks

Your motivation will always be challenged as an entrepreneur. Why? Because being an entrepreneur means being exposed to stress, challenges, and roadblocks. Especially if you’re just starting, it’s common to experience long nights of work and failures. And sometimes, the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely too. So, in a way, you lose the desire to …

Business Growth Tips

Creating Content that Speaks to Your Ideal Client: with Melanie Herschorn

Creating content and sharing online content consistently is a great way to market your business and get your business out there. But for a lot of business owners, their content doesn’t always convert to paying customers. Why? Because they don’t create content that speaks to their ideal customers.


From Passion to Sustainable Business: Transforming Your Yoga Practice Into Your Business

Transitioning from a yoga teacher to a yogipreneur can seem daunting at first. While it’s true that the internet and digital advancements have made it easier than ever before, growing your online yoga business is not as easy as it looks in Instagram.