Have the courage to start before it all makes sense.

Do it before you’re qualified and be willing to take messy action rather than taking no action at all.

When it comes to big dreams and goals, many of us try to plan out every single detail before we take action. However, there is a fine line between preparation and procrastination.

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“Analysis-paralysis” is when you overthink a situation which causes you not to take any action at all. From blogging to changing careers, to launching your own business, taking messy action one day at a time is better than doing nothing because you aren’t “ready.”

When you look back at your life and see all the things you’ve accomplished, for most of them, I bet you weren’t a hundred percent ready or sure of yourself. But you did it anyway. And look where it got you! ❤

Still scared to dive in? Here are 3 simple steps to help you get started:

❤ Ignore the inner critic inside your head.
❤ What other people think of you is none of your business.
❤ Take small imperfect steps each day.

It’s never easy to face the fear of the unknown, but the only way to succeed is to stop second-guessing yourself and start before you’re ready. ❤

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Perfection cannot happen in isolation

If you consider yourself a perfectionist and think that’s a good thing, well think again.

Humans were never intended to be perfect. Imperfection is part of being human. When we judge ourselves for not being perfect our mind tells us that we are not good enough. When we seek perfection, we tend to have an all-or-nothing mindset. We focus more on the destination rather than the journey.

In today’s world, where competition is fiercer than ever in all fields, people believe that they need to be perfect in order to stand out. There’s a difference between striving to improve and striving for perfection. Rather than expecting a rush of exhilaration, expect gradual improvement.

So instead of trying to convince everyone of your greatness, convince yourself that you are capable of growth and that every imperfect action you take is a step towards the best version of yourself.

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Take imperfect actions

Perfection kills growth.

Are you trying to launch or grow your business but feel overwhelmed with all the amount of work needed that you become paralyzed to take any action at all? Are you waiting for your website or lead magnets and packages to be perfect before you launch? Then every time you turn around, the list of things to accomplish before launching compounds.

Don’t worry if things aren’t polished, poised, and perfect. It may seem daunting at first to put something out there that you feel isn’t your best yet. But taking imperfect action is the catalyst for your success.

Here are a few simple steps to help you take small imperfect actions:

  • Identify what you are feeling stuck about.
  • Think of 1-3 small steps to take to move forward.
  • Take action on one of those steps.
  • Stop thinking. Start doing.

Taking imperfect action does not mean being reckless or making impulsive decisions. It’s about believing in yourself, taking a leap of faith, and learning along the way.

Do it now. Hone it later.

Do it for your future self

If your future self could see you now, would she be proud?

❤️ One way to find out what you should be doing with your life now is to think as if you were your ideal future self. Your future self that you are aspiring to become.

❤️ When we set goals, we usually think of the person we are right now, rather than the person we will become when we meet those goals. By connecting to the future versions of ourselves, we are more likely to create habits now that will benefit our future self.

❤️ Here are things you can do today that will increase the success of your future-self tenfold:

✨ Invest in yourself – personally and financially
✨ Grow and nurture your relationships
✨ Take risks
✨ Make a 10-year plan
✨ Never stop learning

❤️ Persistently planning ahead makes life so much easier in the long run.
Take it one step at a time and your future self will be thankful you did.

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