Social Media Marketing for Health Coaches

You may be wondering how to do Social Media Marketing for your health and wellness business.

Social media and digital marketing are always changing every day. With so many new updates, insights, and features, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to keep up.

The health and wellness industry is thriving and is now valued at $4.5 trillion! How amazing is that?

However, due to the large number of health coaches, you may find yourself pressured, confused, and worried about how you can stand out.

Digital marketing is a great tool that you can use to promote your business, show your authenticity, and stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ve listed ten Social Media Marketing Hacks that you can apply to grow your own business.

You’ll see your schedules fully booked in no time.

You’ll have more of your target audience engaged with your content.

And most importantly, you’ll find it easier to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Ready to dive into Social Media Marketing? Here are our top ten tips on how to use social media to grow and scale your health and wellness business.

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Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tips

Show-off Your Edge

Out of a thousand trainers and coaches that offer in the same market, how will you market yourself? Why would your target market or students choose you and your services over others who can deliver the same result?

The answer is in your edge. In what makes you different. AND you should be proud of it.

Be crystal clear on your edge and flaunt it on your socials!

Put your unique offer to your bio, your highlights, and your captions.

You’re not only doing this to heighten your ego, but also to connect with the students who need your exact package or services.

The exact you 😉

Be Authentic

Don’t be afraid to put out your authentic self on social media. Gone are the days where everything needs to be so formal, stiff, and curated. People want the real, raw person behind the business.

Additionally, showing your true personality will help you connect with your customers and followers.

Look at it this way, would you rather engage with someone you can’t relate with? Or someone who you feel a connection to because they show their true selves?

The same goes for your social media followers! They want to engage and be part of something that is “human”, not robots.

Show Your Credentials

The next step is to showcase your credentials on your social media platforms. Do you have a certification to be a Yoga teacher or certification to do business?

Publish your credentials where your prospects can easily see them. It makes your brand an authority in the industry and shows you as an expert in your field.

Aside from your certifications, you can also post your previous or current client’s testimonials, results, and transformation.

Posting these on your platforms gives your prospects more reason to trust you as their coach and trainer which leads to more sales.

Be proud of your certifications! It is something that your future clients will want to see.

Do Market Research 

All social media platforms consistently improve, transform, and change. That means the algorithm changes as well! 

However, most of the time, your market has the same challenges, pain points, and needed solutions! This puts your business at a great advantage!

By knowing what makes your audience happy, you have the control to easily position yourself as the answer to their problems!

If you’re wondering how to do market research, here are some points you can follow:

  • Get specific on who you want to serve.
    • You can do this by creating brand personas which include the person’s demographics, personality, buying habits. Get as specific and detailed as possible. 
    • Start with your current audience and regular clients. They can answer a survey form or you can ask them for a quick interview.
      • Tip: Give a freebie in exchange for this interview!
  • Connect with your potential clients.
    • This is to better understand the position your target clients are coming from. By seeing how they work, how they speak, what makes them laugh and cry, what their interests are, you’ll know how you can help and serve them better.
    • Tip: Connect with them in the digital platform where they usually hang out – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, etc.
  • Research on your competitors.
    • After knowing who your clients are, it’s also important to know who your competitors are and what they do. Check how they communicate with their clients, how often they post on social media, how they price their services. You’ll be able to see what you should or should not be doing for your own digital marketing strategy.
  • Analyze your findings.
    • Once you have all the data for your market research, you can create a summary that includes the background, insights, and next steps for your business strategy. This is also the best time to present your future goals.

Optimize Your Online Profile

How do your profiles look? Does your bio talk about the benefits your clients will get by working with you? Does your Facebook or LinkedIn cover photo speak of your brand?

Whether you’re looking into Facebook marketing or Instagram marketing, even Email marketing, you’ll need to have an optimized profile so that whenever your prospects visit you, they’ll know right away if you can give value to them.

Post Quality Content

Treat your social media as billboards where your business can be promoted for free. This is why posting quality content is so essential.

Aside from that, please make sure to provide value not just to your existing clients but also to people who can see your social platforms publicly.

Give Freebies or Vouchers 

Another way to do social media marketing effectively is by giving freebies or discounts! This works for all industries.

We created a whole blog talking about generating more clients by using freebies and lead magnets. You can read more about that here: How to Attract Clients Through Lead Generation and Freebies

Join Different Networks

Social media is about socializing. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s called social media for a reason.

Additionally, you need to be a part of something bigger to connect with your audience. Are you a part of your industry’s community?

Connecting with a community and networking is so much easier now! There are hundreds of groups on Facebook in the Health and Wellness niche where your prospect clients hang around!

Moreso, you can even create your own Facebook Group where you can add and invite people to be a part of! 

When you join and build different networks, remember to create and nurture genuine interactions with these people. You’ll never know if you can provide value to them or them to you. 

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Great Branding

This is the most overlooked aspect of social media by most health and wellness coaches! Did you know that good branding increases the value of a company?

Branding makes you stand out from the rest of your competitors and gives your clients “experience” just by looking at your social media profiles.

Also, note that your branding has to be consistent across all your platforms. 

Ready to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Like any other marketing strategy, social media takes time and effort to execute. Even so, this drives amazing results and will help you reach a larger audience.

We hope this blog helps you get to your goals faster!

If you need an expert in social media marketing, you can email us at to see how we can help you and position your business in the online world.

Let us know if this article gave value to you as a business owner by commenting your insights below.

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