Today, we celebrate 3 important events.

  • September 21 is World Gratitude Day.
  • September National Self-Care Awareness Month.
  • September is National Yoga Awareness Month.


A little bit of gratitude can go a very long way. Today is the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves to step back from the daily hustle and grind and think about what we are thankful for


September is National Self-Care Awareness Month, and it is a perfect time to reflect on the habits and mindset that you have been cultivating in order to take care of yourself.

Self-care is never selfish because without it, we cannot show up as our best selves.

So remember to fill your cup and give freely from the overflow.


Today, I am thankful for being able to practice self-care everyday through my practice of yoga. Yoga brings me happiness not just because of the brain-boosting and yoga bliss post-flow, but it also gives me the chance to re-set and remove all my stress from the day.

Happiness Through Yoga

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Choosing happiness requires us to be present. We can either choose to lose ourselves in fear and anger or we can decide to create a positive mindset.

Yoga teaches us that happiness is always available when we look within. Here are 3 ways one yoga flow can boost your mood:

  • Yoga changes your brain chemistry.
    Studies have shown that the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels spike after just a single session of yoga. Higher GABA levels are associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety.
  • Living in the moment.
    The reason why this meditative option works so well is because it focuses on the calm and quiet. Yoga encourages us to move slowly. Not to rush. The spiritual and emotional dimensions of yoga practice encourages optimism and helps you achieve greater levels of happiness.
  • Oxytocin
    The hormone oxytocin starts to come through after a yoga session. This creates the essence of happiness. Encouraging this hormone release will give you elation as well as a release of anxiety, reduction of depression, and even lowering blood pressure.

When you put it all together, you get a blissed-out brain with the ability to keep calm no matter what comes your way.

How can you turn your Yoga Practice into a Gratitude Meditation?

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Yoga class themes provide focus and a collective purpose for a yoga class.

In Kundalini Yoga, the attitude of gratitude is the highest way of living. There’s more science than ever showing how gratitude helps people live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Here are a few ways to incorporate gratitude in your yoga class:

Breathing: By focusing on our breathing, we get to appreciate even more the very gift of life with each breath we take.

Mountain Pose with Raised Hands: Through this pose, feel grounded, hopeful, and grateful for all your dreams and the unknown adventures that the future holds.

Camel Pose: As you open your heart and shoulders through this pose, find gratitude for all the courage you’ve summoned into your life.

Child’s pose: Through this pose, we appreciate the safety and security in our lives as well as the value of slowing down and resting.

Thank You Mantra Meditation: Spend a few minutes at the end of your yoga practice meditating. Say a loud and resounding “thank you” on your exhales.

When a teacher weaves the mental and emotional aspect into the physical practice it adds the element of “why” we do yoga, rather than focusing on the poses.

Yoga is a Lifestyle

✨ Take your yoga off the mat and into your life for more balance and peace in all areas of your life.

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✨ Here are 3 key secrets to live a yogic lifestyle:

❤️ Yogis should make lifestyle choices that bring them towards a place of sattva, a state of equanimity and inner-peace.
❤️ Establishing and maintaining a healthy body, a focused mind, and a calm heart should be priorities.
❤️ A yogic lifestyle should be conducive to the pursuit of yoga, truth, and spiritual knowledge.

✨ A clean and healthy lifestyle invigorates the body and mind. By making conscious choices, we become better versions of ourselves in all areas of life.

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