Ah, social media content…

Creating content for your small business can get quickly overwhelming especially for solopreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur who always runs out of ideas every time you create a social media post or don’t find the time and energy to create content for your online platforms, then keep reading.

If you are looking for a guide on how to create a month’s worth of content for your online platforms, look no further.

This easy-to-follow guide is for you!

What is Content Batching?

Content is king. It is through valuable content that you get in front of your target clients, position yourself as an expert in your field, and turn followers into paying clients.

Content batching is a time and energy-saving strategy to help you create numerous pieces of content (graphics, captions, videos) in a single go. 

So instead of spending hours every time you post, thinking of ideas, editing the graphics, writing the captions, and doing research, you get to do it in one workday (or less).

Furthermore, content batching is the most efficient productivity strategy for content creators, social media managers, and business owners.

With that being said, let’s look more into the benefits of content batching.

Benefits of Content Batching When Creating Social Media Content


You know that as a business owner, it takes too much of our time to create a single post, let alone think about it, every single day. In contrast, content batching will only need you to work on your posts once or twice a month.

Imagine all the time and energy you will save!

You’re More Prepared

Most digital platforms require at least 3 posts per week, yes, that includes your blog and Instagram. Some platforms like Twitter even require 2 posts per day in order for your account to be more discoverable in other people’s feeds.

Content batching allows you to have more time to prepare what you will post for the upcoming weeks without pulling your brain out. Thinking of what to post will be out of your daily task when you create content by batch.

Organized Content

Do you feel like your posted content pieces are all over the place? A video here, a random photo there…

Content batching will fix just that. Since you will be creating everything ahead of time, you have control over your posts. You get to plan what to post, the type of content, and when to push the content out.

Additionally, you will also have an allowance for mistakes and time to make the necessary adjustments. 


Finally, content batching will make you more consistent both in posting and branding.

If you have problems with active posting on your digital platform, this strategy will help you. This will also be effective in being consistent with your platform’s theme and visual consistency.

How to Batch Your Social Media Content

Take Quick Notes 

When brainstorming about your content, it’s always good to take notes whenever an idea or thought pops into your mind.

You can also write down what theme you would like to have for the next 30 days. 

Don’t forget to take in consideration the previous analytics that you have for every social media platform so you know which type of posts need improvement and which posts are performing very well.

Get Inspired 

After you’ve written all the important notes that you need to take into consideration for the next 30 days, the next step is to get inspired. 

Our favorite way to get inspired is checking out mood boards on Pinterest. 

Sometimes, scrolling through the page of top accounts in your niche also helps. Just make sure you don’t get distracted or spend so much time on this step. 

Allotting a few minutes to get inspired will give a nice booster. Speaking of a booster, check out our recent post: Yoga, your mood booster

Then, brainstorm all your own ideas from these inspirations and research. Remember not to copy other people’s work but use them as inspiration to create your own.


This is where the real work starts. You can simply use Google Spreadsheets or Project Management Tools like Notion, ClickUp, or Asana.

In your project management tool, including the dates of posting, category of your posts (personal, tips, promotions, etc), brand voice or personality, post topic, graphics, captions, hashtags if applicable, and additional comments.

Here’s a simple Google Sheet template that you can follow:

In this template, you can now put in the dates, content ideas, and topics you listed in earlier steps.

Design Your Visuals

The next step is to create the actual post. If you already have assets of your products and services, this is the time to edit them or put them on your branded templates. 

We love using Canva because of its ease of use and ready-made templates. 

Yes, you will edit and design your visuals in one go. You’ll be surprised at how easy it will be and that you’ll have more ideas for the next post while you edit. 

After editing, put the visuals in your content calendar, according to what day you will post it.

Caption Writing

Next up is caption writing.

Write a copy in the caption column. Your caption must resonate and speak to your audience. This is the place where you can discuss your post in detail. Share more in-depth information in your caption. Take note that some platforms like Twitter only have a maximum number of characters that can be included in the caption.

Additionally, include the hashtags to reach more accounts (especially for Instagram).

Schedule Your Content for Posting

Finally, put everything together using a post-scheduling tool like HootSuite, Planoly, or Later. Canva and Facebook also now have their built-in scheduling tool too. By scheduling your content, you’ll have all your posts ready to go without you having to keep posting every day.

By creating content by batch, you’ll save on time and energy.

Plus, you can now enjoy more time to focus on your zone of genius.

More Social Media Content Batching Tips

  1. Follow the popular ratios in creating contents.
  2. Avoid theme saturation.
  3. Batch your content by platform
  4. Don’t rush your content. Take time to do create them and adding value to each post.

We hope this article helps you in your own content creation journey. 

And if you find yourself still struggling to take the time to create or put everything together, another option is to outsource a content creator or a social media manager. Through this, your socials are always updated while you do your business. This is where we can help!

Contact me at kim@girlsgotgoalsph.com to book a strategy call today.

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