Did you know that having a healthy lifestyle can increase your productivity by 20% on average? 

Imagine being able to do additional 2 tasks for every 10 activities. Later on, that will be 20 tasks out of every 100. Then 200 for every 1000. The list goes on. 

That’s a lot, right? 

The only problem with us, entrepreneurs, is that we are so passionate about our work that sometimes we forget that living a healthy lifestyle is essential for our business too.

So, how can you get started? No worries, we’ve got you. If you want to learn how you can start prioritizing your health and live a healthy lifestyle, then keep reading.

We’ve arranged 7 strategic ways for you to create a healthy lifestyle as a health coach, yogipreneur, or solopreneur. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be hard, but it does need to be a priority.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

A lifestyle is a particular way of living. It tells what a person normally does in everyday life, his or her habits, and preferences on what they do. 

On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle is a combination of all the habits that keep you physically, mentally, and emotionally fit.

That’s right. A healthy lifestyle isn’t only concerned about your body. It includes your overall wellness.

healthy lifestyle for entrepreneurs

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”

– B.K.S. Iyengar

Seven Ways to Prioritize and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

With that being said, here are our top tips for busy entrepreneurs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Assess Your Mind and Body

The first step is to check in with yourself. Look at which areas of your lifestyle you need the most improvement on, what you need to retain, and what you have to totally eliminate. 

It is also a good option to do a regular check-up to have a medical perspective on how your body is doing.

You know yourself the most; what you do every day, and what you prioritize. 

Ask yourself these questions to get a better understanding of your habits, what you need to do or eliminate:

  • Does my body need more sleep?
  • Have I been putting off work-out for a few weeks now?
  • Do I always make excuses to eat junk foods? 

Assess your daily habits. Be honest with yourself first. What do my mind and body need?

Create a Routine That Works For You

After knowing what you need to work on, be intentional in putting it on your daily routine. 

For example, you know that you need to be more physically active and you enjoy going on long walks. So try walking to and from work.

If that doesn’t work for you, then maybe doing jump ropes or getting a gym membership will be helpful to create a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of exercise, here are our recommended yoga outfits and workout attire to inspire your next workout session.

Good workout clothes can help boost your motivation to move more.

Another example of assessing what adjustments you need to make is looking at your sleep quality. If you know you need to sleep more, maybe you need to stop using your phone as early as 8 pm, take a hot shower before sleep, or avoid drinking caffeine at night.

Creating a simple habit that goes with your daily routine will make all the difference.

Choose Healthy Options

As an entrepreneur, it’s common to slide into choosing what is easier to eat in order to focus our energy and attention on work. But not prioritizing our health and nutrition is counterproductive.

Your health and overall fitness are 70% dependent on what you eat and only 30% for other factors like exercise and sleep.

Here are ways to choose healthier options:

  • Choose homemade food over deliveries
  • Do a kilometer walk over a quick Uber ride
  • Choose a salad over fried foods. 

It will be hard at first but through practice and being intentional, you will have a healthy lifestyle in no time.

Furthermore, having a healthy lifestyle is being mindful of what we consume every day.

“What we see in the world around us is just a reflection of what is inside of us.”

― Sharon Gannon

Fix Your Sleeping Routine

Sometimes we underestimate how a night of restful sleep can transform our day. Sleeping 6-8 hours per day makes you more mindful and focused. Moreover, uninterrupted sleep helps you function well for the following day.

In contrast, take note as well that oversleeping will be just as worse as not getting enough sleep.

Take into consideration the time you should be asleep. After midnight is not recommended by most professionals.

Take Time For Yourself

As an entrepreneur, do you take a day off your week? Do you still treat yourself to a vacation once in a while?

We suggest that your answer from now on should be yes.

A person with a healthy lifestyle prioritizes rest. This is the time where you can compose yourself and set your mind off your work.

Remember, rest is also productive.

We know how devoted you are to your business but having a regular schedule for yourself will lessen burnout. 

Find a hobby that you enjoy, spend uninterrupted time with your family or friends, meditate for hours, pamper yourself.

Your business will thank you for having a healthy CEO.

Learn To Manage Stress

Stress is not brand new to an entrepreneur’s journey. We always have it around the corner. Even though it’s always present, it doesn’t mean it has to be hard. It also doesn’t mean that stress is bad. A healthy amount of stress is essential to keep us motivated, on our toes, and working towards progress.

There are tons of ways to manage stress as a business owner that you can put in your lifestyle – letting go, doing breathing exercises, or journaling.

Learning to manage your stress is taking care of your mind. Also, it helps you be at ease when a challenge suddenly comes your way. This way, you get to think clearly and make better decisions amidst these challenges.

Don’t Overwork

Our last and most important tip is not to overwork. 

We know you love your work. We know you lose track of time whenever you’re working. We understand.

But overworking is not going to be beneficial in the long run. You can still choose to prioritize slow living in a fast-paced world.

Having a healthy lifestyle will not only be an advantage for yourself as a business owner. It will also benefit your business, teammates, even family, and friends!

Creating a lifestyle that you want will take more than a month to build so you have to be intentional every day. 

We’d love to know your thoughts about creating a healthy lifestyle. Comment down below and let’s have a healthy conversation!

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