Having a business mindset is entirely different from an employee mindset.
It is a constant need to improve your skills, learn from your mistakes, and take continuous action even when you are afraid.

But the biggest challenge to developing a business mindset is self-doubt.

Different circumstances and situations require different mindsets and having an entrepreneur mindset is entirely different from an employee mindset.

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We got to chat with Maanne on her experiences as she transitioned from a corporate job to building her own business.

Maanne Dela Cruz: Social Media Manager and Business Owner

❤️ Maanne’s love and passion for events started when she was in college, particularly the music scene where she can be found backstage, by the ticket area while rubbing elbows with some rock/alternative or acoustic band legends.

❤️ Then she worked as a barista working on a 10 hours shift to working as a marketing associate in the 9-6 world, Maanne decided to thrive on her own path in 2017 by starting DCMA Events Management, her own events management business catering to weddings then shifting to corporate.

❤️ She joined the startup, The After Six Club in 2018, a transformative and progressive educational events management as their events and community manager.

❤️ In 2019, she started The Digital Life – an online business management focusing on social media management and virtual events

❤️ All these ventures came from an idea that she thought of through the years of working in her 10 hours job shift to her 9-6 job.

❤️ She knew her zone of genius so she gave everything a go investing in herself and her business to be able to help fellow entrepreneurs, business coaches and consultants focus on their own zone of genius of helping fellow entrepreneurs.


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