What is a business brand? How can you discover your business brand?

In this article, we share the information you need to develop your business brand.

What Is a Brand?

It’s easy to forget things when we don’t know what it is for. There are just too many products and services in this world, and it’s impossible to remember them all. So how can one stand out in a sea of businesses to attract ideal clients? It’s by creating your own brand. 

Let’s take Cassey Chu, for example. Cassey is the person behind a new blog business, a personal brand she built to showcase fitness, yoga, and pilates-related content mainly on YouTube and Instagram.

Also, she is the CEO of Popflex Active PH, an activewear and gym gear brand and creator of POP Pilates official where she and her team conduct virtual yoga and pilates classes.

They are currently expanding by holding training sessions and classes for wannabe pilates instructors. As of this writing, Cassey has over 5.62 million subscribers on YouTube.

People perceive her brands as a chance to become physically fit and healthy by following simple habits every day, not by selling a bunch of yoga mats and dumbbells. She is also perceived as a cheerful person, one that will support you along your fitness journey.

Cassey is easily remembered because of the connection she has made with people whether it is a viewer or a pilates student.

Your brand is what people recognize you as.

Products or services that have brands are remembered for what feeling they have evoked. It has the ability to make you feel something whether it’s happiness, belonging, determination or security. 

How to Discover Your Business Brand?

First things first, do not overthink this process. Your brand must reflect the authentic you, so this requires letting your creative ideas flow intentionally.

With that being said, the first step is to figure out what your strengths are.

Do you love teaching yoga classes?

Is writing educational content about health and wellness your passion?

Do you love designing yoga mats and activewear?

Ask yourself about what you enjoy doing because you’ll never go wrong with things you have been doing ever since you were young.

Next, figure out what you value.

Do you value lifelong learning and growth? Do you value strength and flexibility? Do you value focus and simplicity?

All these values will establish a guide to future decisions and action steps for your business. Establishing values will also allow you to connect with clients that have the same values, hence a deep and meaningful connection will be made. Having long-term clients will give you more freedom and fulfillment in your business.

Finally, think about what other people love about how you connect with them.

Do your friends love how cheerful and supportive you are? Do your parents appreciate your warm and caring heart? Do your colleagues love how helpful and kind you are?

All of your existing characteristics can help you create your brand personality. Start with what you already have.

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Developing Your Business Brand

There are three major things you need to remember in building your business’ brand. They are consistency, character, and clarity.

Your brand will not be complete if one aspect is lacking so it is important to have all three of them. In a nutshell, your brand should have the character to be able to connect on a deeper level with your audience.

Next, your intentions should be laid out clearly.

If you are building a business to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle, it must be understood in every post or message you send out. Lastly, you should grow your business consistently to build credibility and trust.

I hope this was helpful for you wherever you are in your business journey.

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